The Fundamentals of Time

Time on planet Earth is a social agreement.

The rest of the universe does not use time as a social agreement. It is one of the fundamental ways to use domination & control to confuse us how the reality works.


The way the rest of the universe creates time is, you have a solar system that has a sun in it. And that sun represents the total potentials sentients in a sine wave that is going around the galactic central sun.

There are times that that solar system may go into a very dense part of the galaxy, and therefore its sine wave of energy is compacted very small. And there are other times when it is in a very light part of space, where its sine wave is very extended.

When you look at the sun as a sine wave of total potential sentients, and then see that there are multiple planets with inside that sine wave, each planet has a subcarrier wave of time representing within the master carrier wave of that solar system.

We understand the fundamentals of time as an expression of sentient potential in motion around the Galactic Central Sun.


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